Strengthening of Backward & Forward Linkages

Cinque Terre

• Identification of potential crop clusters and Bhagwani village
• To provide crop advisories to the cluster farmers.
• To create post-harvest management infrastructures in the vicinity of crop clusters to ease the aggregation of horticulture produce for better marketing interventions.
• Identification, mobilization and sensitization of farmer groups for participation in Backward and Forward Linkages in the process,
• Formation of FPCs/FPOs/Farmer groups under the banner of Small Farmers’ Agribusiness Consortium Haryana (SFACH)
• Registration of various FPO like Horticulture, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries under the Producer Companies Act-2013.
• Coordination with State Government Departments/ Organizations, Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)/ organizations, State Agricultural Universities (SAUs), private sector to introduce innovative technologies to FGs/FPOs/FPCs etc.
• Programme for replacement of plastic sheets of polyhouse with 70% assistance.

• Providing subsidy/assistance (70-90%) to FPO/FPC for create of logistics farm to market i.e. creation of Post-Harvest Management infrastructure/centre with facilities like aggregation centre, sorting/washing/grading, cold storages, ripening chamber, modified atmospheric chambers, reefer vans, waste management along with the facilities like solar power, water, sanitation maintaining food safety and hygiene standards, catering the needs of end users like Retailers, Processors, Exporters and public in large
• Preparing cluster wise business plan for the FPOs/FPCs, which would include plan to provide business opportunities, connecting FPOs/FPCs with off season markets, institutional buyers, processing industries and export markets/APEDA
• Launched “Haryana Fresh” to facilitate FPOs under a Haryana govt. trade mark.
• Organizing capacity building workshops, training for Board of Directors (BoDs) and other key members of the FPO/FPC on entrepreneurship, business planning and management related to aggregation/sale of horticulture Produce.