Farmer Guidelines for Getting Assistance

Cinque Terre

The Already FPOs Registered with ROC have to Create a Login and Password by Registering themselves on this Portal by Clicking on the link 'FPO Registration' given in the Menu.
After creating the Login and Password, the FPOs have to enter through their Login and Password using the 'FPO Login' Link given in the Menu. The FPOs will have to fill up the details related their Address, Bank, Land, Members etc in respective sections of the Portal available after Login.
The following 9 steps/ stages will be there for the Assistance:
1. Application as per appendix-XIV of the Guidelines (Refer CCDP Guidelines please in Activities Menu).
2. Issue of LOI
3. Submission of DPR by FPO as per appendix-I & XIV
4. Appraisal of SFACH Sub-Committee (SAC)
5. Approval of SFACH Executive Committee (EC)
6. Unit Construction
7. Inspection by Technical Committee
8. Fund Release to Bank as per terms